Welcome to Sixth Form and Class 5.4 https://youtu.be/14aayEDKg68  (click on the Hyperlinks to see a video and guided tour) 


In Class 5.4 students study Asdan PSD working between Entry 1- Level 1 to meet their learning needs and provide sufficient challenge. The focus being to develop their independence, improve their ability to problem solve and reflect on their own learning. This will be achieved through Asdan's Lifeskills Challenge, where students in Class 5.4 will be entered at Entry 1 - level 1,the Entry which the student is entered will best support their current skills. 

If your student is learning within this group and you would like further support to help develop their communication and independence. Please write any queries in the School diaries, on an email or ask within your next meeting.

Thank you for your support.


Meet the Team from September 2020


             Ash                        Lucy                        Daljit                    Jenny           

Mr Ashley Furness

E-mail: ashley.furness@themeadows.sandwell.sch.uk


Suggested Activities COVID 19 Home Learning 
Please see the suggested timetable with Aided Language Displays for key vocabulary 
Week 1 Wb. 23.3.20

Week 2 Wb. 30.3.20

Easter Activities 

WTE1 Lifeskills Challenge      Entry 1 Lifeskills Challenge          Entry 2 Lifeskills Challenge        Entry 3 Lifeskills Challange 

Summer Term

WEEK 1 Summer term Wb. 20.4.20

Week 2 Summer term Wb.27.4.20

Week 3 Summer Term WB 4.5.20

Week 4 Summer Term 11.5.20

Week 5 Summer Term WB 18.5.20

Week 1 Summer 2 1/6/20 

Week 2 Summer 2 8/6/20

Diversity week   -  YouTube weekly planning explained <---Click here 

Progress Sheet Complete and send to ashley.furness@themeadows.sandwell.sch.uk each Friday 

Symbol Resources 

Nature trail resource in text 

Nature trail resource in symbols


Cooking Equipment 

Cooking eggs



Text Resources 

Cooking Equipment 

Cooking eggs