Pastoral Support

At the Meadows School we believe every pupil can thrive with the right support and provision. Our priority is that all pupils feel safe in school so that they can make the best possible progress. Staff use concise and predictable language, consistent timetables and a relational approach so that children know what to expect each day and can feel safer.

We recognise that we must meet all of each students’ needs, including their physical, sensory, and emotional needs to enable them to flourish. We can then teach pupils coping strategies that will help them to access learning and the wider world around them positively. Our pastoral team work alongside class teams, families and a range of external professionals to meet every pupil’s individual needs, so that all pupils at the Meadows School can reach their full potential.

The pastoral team are able to offer you support with the following;

  • Assistance with form filling
  • Concerns about your child's welfare
  • Advice and support about your child's punctuality and attendance
  • Housing issues
  • Finance and debt
  • Benefit entitlement
  • Family relationships
  • Access to employment advice
  • Applications for charitable grants
  • Emergency food provision
  • Requests for short breaks respite support
  • Parental engagement sessions
  • Support with caring responsibilities and bereavement

All of the staff in the pastoral team are DDSLs (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads) and can offer guidance and support in safeguarding matters.


Meet our Pastoral Team

   Kerry Patrick                           Fay Bedford                    Rebecca Malpass