Our curriculum is a mixture of lessons based around the 5 main areas of the students’ EHCPs, ASDAN Accreditation and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

We are working on our Communication skills, with input from our Speech and Language specialists. Developing our use of Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECs), Communication Books and Aided Language Displays. Intensive Interaction sessions play a huge part in our day, building trust, confidence and positivity between students and staff.

We have access to the school Food technology room, which we use to make our snacks, using our independence skills to the full!

Drama and Forest School are both favourites of ours, we love exploring and engaging with different environments.

Duke of Edinburgh award is our Wednesday learning, with a mixture of physical, Skills and volunteering sessions, a very exciting day.


Class Team

Julie Georgia Sue Helen


Julie Turner

Email: julie.turner@themeadows.sandwell.sch.uk



Hope you are all getting on well with all the suggested tasks, if you keep referring to the ideas set on the first 2 pages (Communication, Independence, Cognition and Social skills) these will keep your students skills and understanding going whilst they aren’t in school.

All the tasks on these pages are linked with the on-going EHCP targets and are a vital to your child’s education.

So I know where we are up to if you could please email me with some of the ideas you have been doing with yourcchild at home, this will help me with the next lot of planning.

All of Class 4.4 content including resources, planning and support will now be on our Google Class room 2.2.21 onwards 

Any questions please be in touch 

My email address is: Julie.turner@themeadows.sandwell.sch.uk


Quick Links 

On top of these suggested ideas, don’t forget the importance of relaxation time:


Exercise time:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8 (Joe Wickes PE)

Remember though, time outside in the garden or taking your daily walk is just as important!


Class 4.4 - Home Learning

Bucket Lesson

Wow - Egg Splat!

Home learning week 2:

Hide and Seek

Bucket lesson 1

Bucket lesson 2

Kims game lesson 1

Kims game lesson 2

Wow Sessions: