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Our curriculum is based around the young’s people’s Education and Healthcare Plan (EHCP) targets. These targets are reviewed every term, form the basis for choosing a set of accredited modules that best suit the individual’s learning pathway to adulthood. Our class aims are to allow our young people to become independent, happy and fulfilled citizens who can make a positive contribution to their families and communities.

Our class has a high staff to pupil ratio to help develop pupils with a range of additional needs including; ASC, SLD and complex behaviours. The classroom is highly- structured based on many acknowledged principles and research, linked to ASC and other complex conditions. We work with and take advice from multiple agencies including Speech and Language, physiotherapists, school nurses, the visual impairment team, social workers, respite services, charity groups, various therapies and most importantly the young person and their parents/carers.

Our timetable is made up of some discrete literacy and maths lessons, using real-life themes to teach our young people concepts, knowledge and skills. We then apply these concepts to real-life activities that the young people could continue to do when they leave The Meadows. The main focus for our young people is developing their independence skills in the 5 key areas of their EHCP; cognition and learning, self-help and independence, social and emotional development and their physical and sensory needs.

Typical lessons taught are Maths, Literacy, socialising in school and the community. Self-help lesson including personal care, cooking and travel safety. Science and PE are covered through regular trips to forest school, PE sessions using school and community facilities. We have various enrichment opportunities through the week, which include yoga, rebound, craft, gardening and drama which act as the subject to develop and apply their communication, numeracy and literacy skills.

We also go out in the community a lot to help generalise their skills learnt in the classroom in a real environment. This has included community facilities; parks, trampoline parks, religious buildings, local waterways and soft play areas


Staff team 

Kevin Rachael Kuldeep Carley Louise


Kevin Hurcombe




Home Learning 2021:

4.1 Blended Learning

Homework 4.1 Week 1