Welcome to Class 4.1’s page. On our class page, we are going to share some of the exciting things that the students within our class have taken part in and experience.

We have a rich curriculum, and within 4.1, we value independence and communication and these form the basis for all of our lessons. The students of 4.1 take part in the following lessons across each school term.

* Literacy


* Numeracy

* Science

* Physical Education


* Art


* Design Technology


* Music

* Yoga

* Forest School

* Drama




* Independence



* History


* Computing


* Religious education

* Swimming














We are committed to meeting all the learning needs of each student in 4.1 and applying the best outcomes for all, through the focus of communication and independence, implemented during each subject and lesson we work towards developing functional communication skills.

If your student is learning within this group and you would like further support to help develop their communication and independence. Please write any queries in the school diaries, text or email the school and we can arrange a meeting.

Staff team

Ruth Bal Radeah Jaime Pola


Ruth Harrison

E-mail: Ruth.Harrison@themeadows.sandwell.sch.uk