In our classroom, we have a wide range of activities to offer our students, from exploring music and movement and engaging in messy play, to learning about the wider world and ourselves. Through tactile and sensory experiences such as sensory exploration, health and hygiene and collaborative work with our friends and staff we are finding out so many new things.

We love to take part in swimming sessions in the school pool, Rebound Therapy and go out into the playground on the swing or roundabout and we get very excited when it is our turn for a visit from Simba, the school Therapy dog!

Our families can expect us to come to school and work with experienced staff, who love to interact and help us to learn and progress. With so much to fill our day, from physio programmes to singing and music sessions, before we know it the day is over and we are finishing with our reflection session- time to look back at all the exciting things we did in the day!

Staff Team

Claire Jane Caroline Lyn Kelsey Amy


Claire Aston

Jane Farmer