In Class 3.3, students will access an exciting and enriching curriculum and as such will participate in the following lessons across the school year:

•          Literacy

•          Numeracy

•          Science

•          Physical Education (Sensory Circuits)

•          Swimming

•          Art

•          Drama

•          Music

•          Religious Education

•          PHSE

•         Humanities (History and Geography)

•         Building Independence skills


In order to meet their learning needs and provide sufficient challenge, the focus for us is to begin to develop their independence, improve their ability to problem solve and reflect on their own learning. In addition to this, they are given every opportunity to develop their functional communication skills through use of symbol-supported communication in all lessons.

Staff Team

Stewart Louise Julie Michelle  


If your student is learning within this group, and you would like further support to help develop their communication and independence, please let us know.  You can write any queries in the school diary, send a text, or email the school, and we will arrange a meeting.

Thank you for your support

Mr Stewart Harris